What Type Of Relationship Do You Have With Money?

gratitude-on-pinterest-gratitude-quotes-gratitude-and-be-grateful   Some of you may be thinking, “My problem is that I don’t have enough money, so what’s
the point in reading your article or watching your video on money, unless you’re going to tell me how to get more of it?
Well, hang in there, because whether you have money or not, you still have a very powerful relationship with money that
can have a tremendous impact on your everyday life.

This quick video explains what I mean:



Some people are pre-programmed to having various subconscious thoughts about money. For example, if your parents fought about money when you were a child, you may view money as a source of conflict. Religious beliefs and spending habits you were exposed to in your childhood may also play a part in how you view money.

As with any other habit or programmed belief, it will take time and practice to shift your thinking about money and your relationship with it.

So the next time you write that check, or send that bill, be grateful and thank The Universe for the ability to do so. This isn’t voodoo…this is simply EXACTLY how the Universe responds to our thoughts.

Start appreciating what you DO have and The Universe will flood your life with more. 🙂

Blessings & Abundance,

Anne Theriault

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