3 Personal Examples On How Quickly The Universe Responds To Our Thoughts

Manifesting2 When I first started understanding the art of manifestation, a completely different  world opened up for me. Years ago when I was in a job I disliked, there was no way I would have ever believed in manifesting, nor would I have ever been open to trying it.

In this brief video, I share with you a few personal examples of how I have been able to manifest (pretty much on demand), just about anything in my life.



The first thing you need to do before you can manifest is be open. Stop thinking this is some type of coincidence or “that it doesn’t work.” If you’re not open…it WON’T WORK.

Be grateful & happy about all the little things that surround you. Stop looking for ways to be offended. I cannot express enough, that when you are angry inside…you block out all avenues to creating a better life.

Find peace in your heart. If you are stuck in a dead end job, give The Universe your orders for your dream job.” Then believe, be open and expect it WILL happen. Sometimes The Universe uses other people indirectly to help us. Be open 🙂

Everything in our life comes to us in 2 ways.

First in our thoughts, then it materializes in the psychical world. Remember, this also holds true for what we DON’T want…so chose you thoughts wisely.

Let them always be thoughts or abundance,  prosperity, happiness and good health.


Blessings & Abundance,

Anne Theriault

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