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Attention Goes Where Energy Flows

VID01531     Everything in our lives happens in two forms. First in our thoughts, and secondly in our physical reality. The manner in which we think is a choice. You can choose happiness, or you can choose negativity and drama. Learning to “train your brain” to think differently will change everything that happens TO YOU and FOR YOU.

You can create new realities in your life. You can bring things into your life simply by shifting your attention. Begin by directing your thoughts and your energy to what you DO want.

When you place your attention on what you want, reality cannot help but conform.


Many of us don’t realize that creating positive change (or manifesting) is directly correlated  with what is in the mind and the heart.

If we really want to create a change, our first line of action must be to accept responsibility for our part in what our current conditions are. This is not taking the blame. It is merely accepting that we’re participating in creating and maintaining the way things are through how we think… and what we think.

Visualize the life you desire, write down your “prescription to the Universe,” take the actions necessary to achieve that life and the Universe with deliver.

Blessings & Abundance,

Anne Theriault


My mentor and friend Ray Higdon’s course The Power Mind was the precursor and initial step that actually allowed me to train my brain to think differently and completely transformed my life 🙂

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