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Very Common Questions About Trading & Money


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Hi Folks, this is a video I posted a while ago and I felt it was time to post it again as I continue to receive so many questions about trading, money, mental discipline.

You are not alone with so many questions. Trading in itself is not difficult. The mental discipline and proper money management is one of the most difficult concepts for traders.

Persistence is KEY when trading. If you trade for a few days, take a week off, trade for a week, then take a month off…you will not be successful. Practice every chance you get. Turn off the TV. Put the cell phone away. An important part of being persistent is self-sacrifice, which is the willingness to postpone current enjoyment for future benefits. When I first started online in 2009, I ditched the TV for about a year. I didn’t date, I didn’t travel…I immersed myself in online education and perfected my craft. I learned as much as I could in order to establish myself for where I am now.

The action takers are the ones who reap the benefits. Trading is fun and once you begin to see profits, you will look back and be very proud of yourself for making the sacrifices you did in order to get there.

I hope this video helps.

Blessings & Abundance,

Anne Theriault


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