3 Tips You Can Use To Potentially Avoid Online Scams

indexI was asked a very legit question the other day. A business partner of mine asked me “Anne, since you’ve been working online, how many times have you been scammed?”

My answer was “Zero.”

In the video that follows, I share with you 3 Tips You Can Use To Potentially Avoid Being Scammed Online.

What I share isn’t fool proof, but it has certainly always proven to help me work with people who are legit and full of integrity.


Since 2009, I can count how many business opportunities I have done on 1 hand. I am very particular and thorough as to who I work with, and they must have strong moral principles and good relationships with other people.

As I stated in the video. People don’t join businesses, people join people. This is something that all professionals know to be true.




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