3 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in High School

High School back in the 1980’s was a blast.  Yes, you heard correctly, the 1980’s.  🙂 Every day was an adventure of learning, laughing, (at times detention) and building life long friendships.

I don’t think much about the past or regret anything about those years. They were truly some of the best years of my life.

However, as I think about where life is going and how our society is changing so rapidly, I wish there were a few things I had learned in High School, as opposed to trying to figure them out on my own as a adult.

Perhaps a teacher may have spoken about these in class. But I forgot about them or didn’t pay any attention.

Some of it probably would not have stuck in my mind anyway…or simply just been too far outside my reality at the time for me to accept and find useful.

#1 Mistakes And Failures Are Necessary On The Path To Success:

When you first learn to ride your bike you may fall over and over. You bruise a knee and you cry a bit. Eventually you get up off the ground, brush yourself off and get on the bike again. Eventually you learn how to ride your bike with ease. If you can just reconnect to your 5 year old self and do things that way – instead of giving up as grown ups sometimes tend to do…you will see better results in business and in life.

I have learned more about myself by falling flat on my face several times. I have learned MUCH MORE about myself by getting back up and trying again. It has taught me about resilience, perseverance as well as humility. I am a much more compassionate person toward others who are experiencing struggles and yet they continue to try.

#2 Changing Your Attitude Can Create An Insane Change In Your World:

Your attitude changes your reality. We have all heard that you should keep a positive attitude or perhaps that “you need to change your attitude!”. (Maybe your Mom said this to you as a teenager. ) 🙂 That is a nice piece of advice I suppose, but without any more reasons to do it is very easy to just brush such suggestions off and continue using your old attitude.

But the thing that I’ve discovered the last few years is that if you change your attitude, you actually change your reality. For instance, when you begin using a positive attitude instead of a negative one you start to see things and viewpoints that were invisible to you before. You may think to yourself “why haven’t I thought about things this way before?”

When you change your attitude you change what you focus on. All things in your world can now be seen in a different light.

#3 Stop Comparing Yourself To Others:

It’s no secret that being a teenager and being in High School invokes emotions of wanting to compare ourselves to our peers. We are looking for acceptance. As an adult, you MUST get out of that mode.

“Your Ego IS NOT Your Amigo”

The ego wants to compare. Your ego wants to find reasons for you to feel good about yourself (“I’ve got a new car!”). But by doing that it also becomes very hard not to compare yourself to others who have more than you (“Oh no, Sally has bought an even nicer car!”). And so you don’t feel so good about yourself once again. If you compare yourself to others ,you are allowing the world around you dictate and control how you feel about yourself. It instantly creates a roller-coaster of emotions.

A more useful way is to compare yourself to yourself. Try to be a better version of yourself every day. Look at how far you have come, what you have accomplished and how you have grown. It may not sound like that much fun, but in the long run it brings a lot more inner stillness, personal power, positive feelings and peace.

Rise Up and Continue To Shine On!

Blessings & Abundance,

Anne Theriault

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2 thoughts on “3 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in High School

  1. Bill Dugger

    I turned 70 on December 29th. As I’ve gotten older, I find it easier to just give up and sit around like a lot of other oldies. But, by changing my attitude, I still discover great new opportunities and things to share with my kids who are now in their 40s, and think they’re old. If I get nothing else out of the Binary Options course, I’ve learned that a changing attitude is the thing for success. Thanks Anne. Bill Dugger.

    1. Anne Post author

      Hi Bill, “a changing attitude is the thing for success” is spot on. Thanks for your input!

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